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Wyatt Weed (Уаетт Уид) - о фильмах Хищник

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Отправлено 27 Сентябрь 2011 - 23:36

Я давно заметил эту особенность! Когда известные люди у которых не очень сложилась карьера в кино. Начинают рассказывать голливудские истории на фанатских форумах! Одним из таких актёров стал Wyatt Weed (Виатт Уид), который сыграл в массовке фильма Хищник 2:


Он появился на форуме и решил поделиться с поклонниками своими воспоминаниями! Весь текст на английском, но очень понятный для неподготовленного пользователя со словарём и с базовыми знаниями :)/>

Wyatt Lost Predator Weed - Posted 22 October 2010


Hey everyone

My apologies in advance - I'm in the middle of about 6 things right now, so I don't know how often I will be able to get on here and make comments, but I will try my best.

First of all, I WAS a predator in P2 and I AM signing my own photos. They are usually sold through Alleydweller, who happens to be my girlfriend. She already runs an Ebay store, so she had time and said she would take care of it for me. As I get my own site together, maybe I'll transfer the sales over, but for now she is the authorized site/seller for my pics.

I was a young guy trying to make it as an actor in early 1990 and I knew a stunt man named Brian Simpson. Brian had worked on the first Predator (more stories from him later) and he and I were the same size. When Brian was called on to do a second unit stunt shot, they needed someone else to fill his suit for that end scene. See, whenever the Predator wasn't in a shot with a human, it could often be Brian because he didn't need to appear huge. It was Brian who was jumping tree top to tree top in the red effects suit in the first film, for example.

Anyway, Brian suggested me right away because I had make-up and creature suit experience. I got the call, and literally the following day was on set at Fox and up to my neck in a predator suit. It was awesome, a fan boy's dream, but man was it hot and after 12-plus hours, I couldn't wait to get that suit off. I still have the pay stub. More details to follow.

I met Stan Winston briefly, and he was nice, but he was busy and moved on. Kevin Peter Hall was a great guy. I hate to use the word sweet, but he really was. He was a joker, and always seemed like he was smiling. More on him later as well.

I DID NOT do the dance. I remember it, but I feel like the other predators were cast earlier and had already been on set once, and they had already worked the dance out. I just sat back and went, "Huh?"

I am 6' 1", and in the suit with the feet and helmet, was probably 6' 5". I was still the smallest predator there. I was also one of only two white guys, I think. It seemed like every other guy was African-American, and TALL. I felt like a runt Predator. Think Los Angeles Lakers meets Billy Crystal.

Earlier this year, a group called the Drunken Zombies saw me promoting my film at a show, Famous Monsters Con in Indianapolis, I believe, and suggested I should start selling my Predator 2 pics. It sounded like a great idea, so I got on it and by Fright Night in Louisville, we were doing it. I also met Jeff Wickedbeard at Famous Monsters, and he was key in letting me know about the Lair and all of the other P1 and P2 fans out there. I was also featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I started selling those pics as well.

Now here I am, 20 years later, a struggling writer/director who is on the verge of releasing his first feature, a vampire film called Shadowland. I will check back in soon and tell some more tales. I'm good friends with Steve Wang, who was a make-up god on the first film, and he's got great stories. I can tell you some funny stuff about Jean Claude Van Damme, the original Predator. How insert scenes of the predator fixing his wounds were done thousands of miles away from the jungle, in the San Fernando Valley. Frogs in Arnold's suitcase.

By the way, I once actually tried to pitch a Predator sequel to Joel Silver. Joel shut me down in about 2 seconds and said, "I'm out of that now - these guys want to do Predator Vs. Aliens now, and I'm not involved in that." And there went my story. Maybe I'll put it on here for your reading pleasure...

Talk to you guys soon. Gene, your photo went into the mail today. Your helmets look good.

Later, you ugly mother fu**ers...

Wyatt Weed

Wyatt Lost Predator Weed - Posted 24 October 2010


Wow!! You guys are without a doubt the most friendly and pleasant bunch I have ever encountered on the net! Seriously - I rarely say much anywhere else because it just gets SO nasty. And you're PREDATORS!!

I didn't think I would get back on so soon, but I decided I had to. First things first - how I met Steve Wang and why that matters...

In 1987 I was a young geek in St. Louis making super 8 films and working at a local cable company so I could use their gear and editing system. This was still A.D. - the analog days. Bell & Howell cameras and 3/4 inch video tape. Man, how things have changed. That summer, this amazing film called Predator blew through the theatres, and my filmmaking friend Ted Smith and I ate up Cinefantastique and Fangoria, absorbing everything about the film. We became familiar with the name Steve Wang, a crew member who worked on the suits and who had also done the Creature from Monster Squad. Steve and a few others were really instrumental in developing modern suit techniques to where they are today.

Cut to 1990 and Ted and I are struggling actors/special effects techs in Los Angeles, living the high life in the San Fernando Valley. Ted comes home from a shop one day and says "I met STEVE WANG!!" I knew right away who this guy was. While he didn't design the predator head, he was key in designing and developing the overall look, sculpting the body, and he came up with the awesome, nature-inspired paint scheme. His philosophy was "Form follows function", and when the first predator had failed, Steve was a big proponent of taking it back to a "man in a suit" concept.

Failed predator? I assume you all know this story, but in case some of you don't, here goes: When they were initially shooting Predator, Boss film was involved. A lot of other make-up people, including Steve Johnson, had done a more alien design with cool, multi-jointed legs and a more-insect-like head. It was tall, and was supported by an overhead wire rig. They hired someone physically fit to be in the suit, and that was Jean Claude Van Damme. Jean Claude got all excited and talked about how he was going to be able to kick very high with the leg extensions, and all of these things he could do, because he was a martial artist. The suit guys looked at him and said "No - you're going to be in a hot jungle wearing a foam suit and hanging from wires and you're not going to be able to do any of that". Jean Claude kept insisting that he would be able to do some great things, and the make-up guys were trying politely to adjust his reality.

So they get the original suit and Jean Claude down into the jungle. Now, I don't know Jean Claude, and I wasn't there. Jean Claude is probably a cool guy. But I heard these stories repeatedly from people who were there. One story was that Jean Claude wanted to be featured more as an actor, that he wanted the suit to be modified so that his face would show. "I'm an actor, I want people to be able to see my face". Another story was that his command of English wasn't that good yet, so he once said "Don't be a dumby" instead of saying "Don't be dumb" or "Don't be stupid", which of course led the young, smart-ass effects team to refer to him as "Jean Claude Van Dumby".

So, they get JCVD in the suit, hang it from wires, and it's a disaster. He can't move, it's hard to do wires in the jungle, and JCVD supposedly freaked out from the heat and the claustrophobia and begged them to get him out of the suit. Having been in similar situations several times, I get it - being in a predator suit was the closest I've ever come in my adult life to passing out. You're trapped and isolated, hot and squeezed. It's like sensory deprivation. Rumor has it that Tim Curry lost it once and ripped his way out of the devil suit on Legend.

The film crew realizes that this isn't working, call for a break in shooting, and go back to LA to re-think the monster. Enter Stan Winston. One of the big new ideas is that even though the first suit design was cool, you needed practical and workable, and fast. There have been some amazing alien designs (Starship Troopers, Carpenter's The Thing, Cloverfield) but when you need practical and functional on camera before the days of CGI, you went simple - man in a suit. Some of the best creatures ever were just a well-designed man in a suit - The Creature From The Black Lagoon, the 1951 The Thing, The Metaluna Mutant, The Alien - all just a modified human form.

So Stan gets his crew in motion quickly (I don't think they had more than a few months) and Matt Rose and Steve Wand and others basically finish writing the book on how to make a creature suit. Some of the stuff is so simple, like the seams of the different parts of the suit being hidden by armor and decoration. The color mimics the natural coloration of Earth creatures we are familiar with. And the actor's eyes are still used, eyes being one of the most difficult things to re-create convincingly.

They get back down in the jungle, and the rest is history - one of the best creatures ever, and my friend Ted has now met one of the guys responsible for this. I get to meet Steve, and it turns out Steve is working on his own film, a kung-fu comedy called "Kung Fu Rascals". It is a super 8 feature, and he's already shot a trailer and raised money, so Ted and I climb on and spend 60 days over the next 9 months shooting with Steve, learning and soaking up every bit of knowledge he has. I built models and props and costumes, shot some of the scenes, and even played Raspmutant, the Mad Monk, a 300 pound pig man. This leads to me meeting Brian Simpson, Steve's friend from the Predator shoot, my chance at being a predator, and then Ted and I get drawn into Steve's next three films - "Guyver", "Guyver: Dark Hero", and "Drive". On Guyver, Ted and I both worked in the creature shop, and Ted played the Zoanoid "Stryker" in the film. In Guyver: Dark Hero, I moved up to associate producer and second unit director, as well as doing other creature shop work whenever I could. On Drive I was second unit and miniature supervisor.

Steve Wang and the Predator. Big influences in my career. Steve is an incredibly talented guy, and I learned so many things from him, much of which is reflected in my daily work. He recently produced the new "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight" series that ran on the CW, and wrote and directed many of the episodes. He's currently prepping a film that should start shooting in January. It's great to see him doing another feature.

One final story for this episode of The Lost Predator: There is a famous color shot of the Predator from P1 that appeared on magazines and in articles. It is a studio-style shot, used to promote the film. Well, while filming in Mexico, they saved the stunt where the log falls on the predator as the last thing to shoot, because they were running out of suits and time and money. The log falls on the suit, smashes it, and they wrap. Later, the studio calls and says "we need beauty shots of the Predator, now!" Steve and Matt actually got the smashed suit, repaired it and fixed it up, and that is the suit in those classic beauty shots.

Ah, Hollywood.

Take care,

Wyatt Weed

Wyatt Lost Predator Weed - Posted 25 October 2010

Wyatt Lost Predator Weed сказал:

CoolleKotten сказал:

I dont know... maybe this is a far stretched silly question, but... do you have any shed of light of where all the suit parts went after filming P2? They didnt all end up in a dumpster, did they? I know some collectors have a few parts hidden away and only a few pop up from time to time, but overall?

From everything I've ever experienced on a film of this size, one of two things happens: Either the studio gets it all when it's over and puts it in storage, or the effects company hangs onto and recycles it for other projects, or for sequels. It's actually surprising how much of this stuff gets recycled. When Steve Wang saw the picture of my suit, he was pretty sure that it was a cast from the mold of Brian Simpson's suit from P1, which makes sense since I replaced Brian. So Stan had those molds stored and waiting. It is possible predator suit pieces got cut up and used as parts of other creatures, but more likely, the suits got TRASHED. After working with the suits for an entire film, the surface of the suits get really shredded. Especially the stunt suits. The foam wrinkles and deteriorates, and the paint fades. Under ideal, cool, clean air conditions, foam can last for years. Under use and adverse conditions, though, it gets gnarly. Me sweating in that suit after Brian sweated in it was gnarly, trust me - you wouldn't want it. At a certain point, they really do get kind of unrecognizable and the effects guys get so tired and jaded with the stuff that a lot of it does get pitched, or destroyed. You can't just throw it in a dumpster because then you'd have a 15 year-old running around the Valley in a predator suit, but you do cut them up and destroy them, Stanley Kubrick-style.

So yes, I'm sad to say, I think most of the beat-up foam gets thrown away. There is, however, a very nice full predator suit in Stan Winston's display room, but I don't know if that was a new pull from a mold and placed on a dummy, or if they just recycled an old suit. I would bet they did a little of both, casting some new pieces and re-using what they could.

Wyatt Lost Predator Weed - 24 October 2010


All I can tell you is that the stuff in the ship was much more complete - we appeared in a very specific fashion and came to a stand-still, we approached the dead predator and carried him off, and then we all marched off and de-cloaked in a very organized, military way. It was all very well covered, many more shots, very deliberate, very complete. I think what you see in the final film is VERY fast, and goes by in just a minute or two. I think at that point it was just the pacing that they had built up to, and they didn't want to slow it down. But to be honest, when I saw the film the first time, I thought "Wow - that was fast!". I appeared, stepped forward, carted off the dead predator. Poof. As a matter of fact, I think they used a cut of two different predators stepping up, and then went back to me for the actual lifting and carrying. It was jumbled, to say the least, but if you weren't there and didn't know, you couldn't tell by watching the film. But we didn't shoot any additional material that was "cut".

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Отправлено 28 Сентябрь 2011 - 01:30


See, whenever the Predator wasn't in a shot with a human, it could often be Brian because he didn't need to appear huge.
пару раз я встречал мнение, что хищники вовсе не все высокие, т.к. некоторые актеры из концовки Х2 вполне равны по росту Гловеру (который вроде как выше Шварца даже). (это видно здесь).
но цитата подтверждает мое манение по этому поводу - подразумевается, что все предаторы высокие, просто только Х1, Х2 и старикан непосердственно общались с главными героями, и в них сидел единственный гигант - КПХ.


By the way, I once actually tried to pitch a Predator sequel to Joel Silver. Joel shut me down in about 2 seconds and said, "I'm out of that now - these guys want to do Predator Vs. Aliens now, and I'm not involved in that."
без комментариев. во всех интервью все говорят, что не хотели этого. и все равно куча народу знает и торчит исключительно на этой фигне.

остальное комментить не буду, т.к. зачем, просто отложу в память, спасибо за дележку сведениями :)

разве что: забавно актер рекомендует фанатам не гоняться за потными вонючими сморщенными изуродованными костюмами со съемок %) %)

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